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Pre-acquisition assessment

Our engineers visit network sites to assess network installation quality, validate network as-built documentation and check network configurations are correct to ensure correct valuation of the network assets.

On-site inspection

The capacity and capabilities of the network are key to being able to deliver on the business plan for the merged entity.

On-site inspections are carried out in order to identify network issues and capacity issues to ensure that the network will be able to sustain and grow the ongoing business.

Example inspection points on site may include:

  • Network documentation
    • Physical layer architecture
    • Third part network interconnects
    • Leased lines
    • OSP
  • Site inspection
    • Quality of fibre
    • Quality of enclosures
    • Fibre characterisation
  • Access network inspection
    • Aerial / underground access network
    • Break out point locations
    • Duct capacity
    • Asset report validation

Testing and service validation

A business plan for the new business will only survive if customers remain engaged, and quality of customer experience is key to that engagement and reducing churn.

Validating the customer quality of experience is key to understanding the churn rates assumed in the business plan.

Gap analysis

Once on-site assessments are completed we will provide a detailed report identifying any gaps between the stated capabilities and capacity of the network and the capabilities and loading of the installed live network.

Business case validation

Understanding the level of service assumed within the business case for the merged entity we validate that the business case is able to be delivered based on the network build, the real capacity available on the network and the quality of the network services and configuration.

Network design & enhancement

If revision to network design or services are required in order to deliver the capability of the network as described by the seller these upgrades or changes to the network can be designed and the cost of implementation assessed.

Why perform M&A network audits?

Due diligence is an essential requirement of any merger or acquisition activity. It ensures the buyer knows and understands the assets it is buying, any potential liabilities and ongoing obligations it may be assuming.

In the cases of a telecommunications server provider merger or acquisition the network may be the companys biggest asset, yet the extent and capability of the network is assumed to be correct based on the description provided by the seller.

Basing the assessment of the biggest asset on the opinions of the seller can be problematic, especially if the buyer subsequently finds out the capacity and services they thought they could offer turn out not to be available.

Network audits as part of the due diligence ensure the buyer understands the state of the network, how much capacity is left within the network and the ability to support the services that make up the ongoing business plan.

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